Private All Inclusive Internet Services For Residential & Commercial Communities

Data Hunters is proud to provide private gigabit speed fiber optics backed internet services for your condominium, apartment or commercial complex with unmatched all inclusive benefits.

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Why Data Hunters?

All Inclusive Infrastructure


Why stop at the Residents? Along with providing Internet to your Residents, we provide free managed WiFi in all common areas with ZERO costs. 

Private & Secure Network


Your network is truly private and connected directly to the internet and not shared with neighboring properties. This creates an extra layer of security on top of your traditional internet service.

No Contracts


What is a contract? We prefer flexibility and freedom with your internet service provider.

Bulk Offers


Turn your private Fiber network into an amenity for your residents or community members. Prices starting at just $20 per unit, it does not make sense to not switch!

Local & Personal Support


Our support is not just local.  Rather, it’s a commitment to becoming an always-there resource that is accessible to you whenever, wherever and however you need it.

Simple Billing


No hidden fees or billing surprises. Quick, easy and transparent automatic billing.

How Data Hunters' Internet Works


Dedicated Optical Fiber

First, we deliver the Fiber Optics directly to you. Connecting you straight to the Internet. 100% of the time. Our service is never shared since it is only dedicated to you with 99.99% guaranteed up-time. 

Enterprise Level Designed Infratructure

We come in a design an enterprise level infrastructure to your project's specific requirements. Customization is where we shine!

Professional Installation

With our highly experienced and professional engineering staff, your custom designed infrastructure is installed, tested and activated.

24/7 Management

Once your service is activated, our team will keep eyes on it 24/7 to ensure its functionality. 

Service Upgrades

Once you or your tenant is connected, upgrading to a better desired experience for your specific needs, is as easy a phone call.

Real Support

Our team does not know how to read manuals or scripts. We simply know the answers and are always here to help. Give us a call!

3 Easy Steps

Site Survey

Let us walk your project or property and show you how we can provide you and your Residents with a premium service like no other. Our surveys provide detailed and transparent reports from A-Z.


Our proposals are simple and to the point. We only propose what you want. Let us show you how we can bring a better service for a better price to you and/or your Residents.

Get Connected

Last step. Get connected. With our professional engineering team building your network and connect you and your Residents to the internet today! 

Who are our Customers?

Home Owners Associations


Our Bulk offers are best designed for Home Owners Associations. We love to see HOAs save over 40% off their internet costs every month as they incorporate our internet in their monthly dues. Are you part of an HOA and over pay for internet? Call us for a free consultation.

Rental Communities


Student housing, senior living communities, high-rises to low-rises. We cover it all. What better way to compete in the increasingly competitive rental market today than with the most utilized and desired amenity. On top of that give your Resident free community-wide WiFi.

Commercial Properties


Looking for a backup internet service that you can count on? Looking for enterprise level Fiber service with network monitoring and management? How about providing Fiber internet options to your high-rise commercial tenants? Data Hunters has the solutions for you. Call us today!

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